100th Episode: About The Show And Alien Fight Club

October 4, 2017

    Phillip and Shawn celebrate the 100th episode of the show by talking about all the different things that have been talked about on the show; semen extractors at Chinese hospitals, 21 severed vaginas, saving your daughter from a bukake drowning, etc. Then they answer the alien abduction and UFO questions that they brought up on the last show; what is a sexy alien abduction, when was the first alien abduction and alien sighting, what is project Bluebook, and why would aliens want nitrates. While discussing that Shawn brings up the fact that several people believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. (They decide that that will be the topic of a future show.) They then talk about people trying to make it on youtube and twitch.  

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UF…Oh My God!

September 20, 2017

    This week on the show Phillip and Shawn talk about Nordic people that are abducted by sexy aliens, they talk about the Barney and Betty Hill, and Fire in the sky alien abductions, Shawn talks about how he doesn't believe in alien abductions, they both ask if there have been alien abductions in other countries, Phillip tells a story about finding a lamenated news clipping of a U.S. Air Force's flying saucer, they talk about alien conspiracy theories, they talk about how they each believe that there is intelligent life out there in space, they discuss The Last Podcast on the Left talking about Charles Manson & Carl Panzram, Phillip then tells about the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, then they talk a little about the Fire in the sky abduction, Phillip then wonders if he could give Shawn hypnotic amnesia and maybe he would not be an alcoholic anymore, they both discuss 9/11 conspiracies, they get into the moon landing conspiracy, they touch on the Area 51 conspiracies, they talk about how Betty Hill was able to draw a starmap that she had seen in the space ship and how years later the actual system was finally discovered, they then get silly by saying that alien abductions could be just alien kids stealing their parents space ship, Phillip tells about the time that he may have seen a UFO, Phillip reads a news story of a girlfriend that gives her boyfriend an ultimatum for playing the Destiny video game, Shawn talks about how much fun it is to play video games online, they talk about making time for video games, they talk about the fact that Charles Manson will be the topic of their next podcast episode, Phillip tells a weird story about a cucumber, they talk about the Destiny 2 commercials, Phillip talks about Chip's patreon page and the hustle involved, they talk about good work ethic, Phillip tells about a woman named Superwoman on youtube, Phillip then tells Shawn about Mrs. Cleo and her scams, Phillip tells a story about a friend of his that fucked with a psychic, Shawn talks about the Share Act, and their parting thoughts are about Sharon Tate's murder by The Manson Family.

The Endfield Poltergeist, House Hauntings, And The Creative Hustle

September 6, 2017

   (Phillip and Shawn talk about being recorded on video, but the recorder ended early. So there is no video recording of this episode on youtube, just audio.) This week's show has Phillip and Shawn talking about a podcast called The Last Podcast On The Left, then Phillip talks about a ghost baby that he saw once when he was younger, they then talk about The Endfield Poltergeist, and Phillip talks about the suicide of his friend from his youth, they talk about people with depression, Shawn and Phillip talk about when they have each had physicic readings and how fake they are, they both discuss haunted houses, Shawn telss a story about a club that he use to work at that may have been haunted, they then both discuss Patreon and Phillip's cousin starting his own business with it, they talk about the hustle that goes into creating something and making money from it, Phillip talks about different ideas and structures for the podcast, Shawn then tells a story about a customer of his that got scammed over the phone, and they end the show by talking about Moviepass.  


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Shooting Guns, The North Korean War, And Licking Zartan

August 23, 2017

    On this episode of the podcast, Shawn joins Phillip for a discussion. (As of posting this podcast Shawn is sober for 894 days.) The two of them discuss their failing eyesight, Phillip's cousin Chip trying to make money off of Patreon and Youtube, the fact that you have to train to become better at what you do, Phillip then talks about shooting his gun at Shooter's World, Shawn talks about how he can't stand the voice of a youtuber/shooting instructor named John Lovell, Phillip talks about his Sig Sauer P320, they both talk about shooting indoors, Shawn talks about the first time that he ever went shooting with Phillip, Shawn talks about his new Sig Sauer rifle and Sig Sauer's customer service, they talk about the Glock 18 and suppressors, they also discuss the possibility of going to war with North Korea, Phillip talks about the funny song that Weird Al Yankovich sang on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, they talk about their love of a podcast called The Last Podcast On The Left, Phillip then tells Shawn about all the topics of that podcast like...Carl Panzram, The Oklahoma City Bombing, Chris Benoit killing his family, Jack the Ripper, Scientology, and The Endfield Poltergeist, and lastly the tease their next episode of the podcast which will be all about The Endfield Poltergeist. Hope you enjoy.

Jesus Christ: Fists Of The North Star

August 9, 2017

 This episode was recorded on January 27th, 2011. Serjio and Phillip talked about Phillip making out with a young girl and almost getting caught by the woman that she was babysitting for, Phillip talks about masturbating to Bryan Adam's Cut's Like Knife video back in the day, Phillip talked about his girlfriend at the time, (now his wife), and looking at other women, they talk about the movie Catfish, they then discuss a new thing called streaming video, Phillip picks on Serjio pronouncing ValenTIMES Day, Phillip and Serjio then tell the cinco, cinco, cinco story, Serjio talks about how he doesn't speak spanish, Serjio talks about how a swinger's club is now a church, they answer a question what would Jesus do if he showed up now?, they then talk about their version of a vengeful Jesus, they discuss their thoughts of Heaven, Phillip tells Serjio that he is a Reverand, Serjio then blows Phillip's mind by asking Phillip what he would do if aliens showed up and stopped the end of the world while Jesus was here, they then talk about anal sex a bit and prolapsed anuses, Serjio then tells Phillip that he is smarter than him, and Phillip gets extremely defensive. It's funny stuff. Please listen. Thanks.   

Podcasts, Lots Of Crazy, And A Lack Of Empathy

July 26, 2017

     This time on the show, Shawn joins Phillip and the two of them discuss Marvel Heroes Omega video game, Dan Carlan's Harcore History podcast, a little bit of Father Knows Best with Phillip's father, Phillip tells Shawn about a podcast called Cashing in with T.J. Miller, they talk about how reality tv sucks, Phillip talks about another podcast called Generation Why, they both talk about a murderer named Edwin Kemper, they talk about how full of shit they both use to be in their youth, they talk guns, the craziness of some people, Phillip talks about another podcast called Hollywood & Crime about the Black Dahlia/L.A. murders, Phillip then tells Shawn about a great podcast called The Last Podcast on the Left, they then discuss Scientology, The Oklahoma City bombing, a killer named Carl Panzram, the Philadelphia Experiment, Shawn tells Phillip about a video game called Anthem, they talk about the greatness of podcasting, Phillip tells Shawn about the Japanese actress that drown in the bukake scene and gives him a scenerio, Phillip then tells Shawn a story of a Priest that massages penises to help them grow, they also talk about a bunch of cocaine that was found in the nose an commercial airplane, they talk about the fear of going to another country to train, they then discuss different cultures and America being so young, then Shawn talks about his new gun and they talk about shooting at a range. It's a good informative podcast. Check out all the podcasts that we talk about on the show.  

Dicks And Long Things That Choke Or Kill

July 12, 2017

On this episode of the podcast Phillip and Joe have a good ol' fun time. They talk about the North Korean missle situation for a second, Phillip tells Joe about some work related issues that are total bullshit, then they talk about Phillip's father, Phillip then reads a news story a bukake death on a porn film, Phillip then gives Joe a similar scenerio, then they talk about a man that is on trial for killing his wife with his penis, then there is another news story about a man with a 19 inch penis, they then give some advice to a female listener, they talk about the podcast Sword & Scale, Phillip then talks about shows and movies that he has watched recently. Phillip also gives a small review of Transformers: The Last Knight, Phillip talks about an inappropriate old man that works where he does security, Joe talks about some shows that he has been watching, and they finish off the show with Joe telling Phillip to check out a podcast called Cashing In with T.J. Miller. (It's a funny podcast, just like ours, so check it out.) So we hope you enjoy our show. Please subscribe to us on iTunes, Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and instagram, and send any comments or questions to itskindofafunnypodcast@gmail.com 

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Anal Sex, Bad Jobs, And Money’s No Object

June 30, 2017

    The show this week is from October 11th, 2010. Phillip is joined by Serjio and a call in guest named Shawn. They talk about what they would do for 500 dollars, and then Shawn calls in with a funny scenerio. Serjio and Phillip then read some odd news about Zimbabwe men being raped by women, local guy almost sufocates by putting a bag over his head and robbing a store, a person's neighbor is arrested for child porn they uploaded, friend's brain in a jar, men in Afghanistan walking with young boys, and stimilus check payouts. Then the conversation turns to anal sex. Shawn calls in again to discuss his experience. Serjio then reads an English article about anal sex. Then Phillip and Serjio answer the question, "If they could buy anthing what would it be?" They then discuss the bad jobs they have had and the funnest jobs they have had. They then discuss Karate Kid old VS Karate Kid new. They talk a little about some movies from 2010. It's a funny show. 

The Golden Boys, Remakes, And A Little Father Knows Best

June 16, 2017

Phillip and Joe have a fun conversation about Netflix shows, recent movies, tv shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, nudity on tv, some more work drama, a security guard rapist, Bisbee, Phillip tells some stories about his father, they talk about how Joe hates flying, child stars, Sword & Scale, podcasts, and Phillip's love of baths.

Rape Robots And How I Spanked Your Mother In Idaho

June 1, 2017

On this episode Phillip is joined by Shawn, who is 810 days sober. The two of them have a great time and you get to hear Phillip's Ghost in the Shell review, Phillip then tells Shawn about a couple 7,000 dollar sex dolls. They then talk about teladildonics, which is sex across the country with haptic feedback. They then talk about customer service, and the oldest vibrators. Shawn brings up the entitlement of others, and taking the AA steps again. Phillip talks about how he is getting a gun for his birthday. They then discuss guns and shooting, a youtube guy named John Lovell, having courage in a bad situation, gun accessories, and tactics. Through all of it they talk about some special training that they have. LOL.